Kinky Bipolar

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Here’s the CONTEXT: 4 this letter. I’m trying to cheer up another bi-polar just like you cheer meu up, LOVER BOY, & remind BOTH of you that Nymphomania as a DISEASE: NOT a dirty JOKE: [ <=- Nymphos R EASY! ] ROTFL You SURE you want to marry me 'cuz of GIANT HOOTERS that I’ll have to have removed in the next decade, ToyBoy? As i’ve told you VERY HONESTLY the only place I find a guy who’ll do all the kinky perversions I crave with me is by cybering. Are you SURE you can handle me face to groin?

Mum87 How i feel for you and also share many of your same histories both in my own personal life & with all my families, by which I mean Mom, Dad & Step-Dad, so my Mom was twice attracted to Lovers with the same affliction. Kind of the opposite of opposites attract, yet, IHMO, and in many readings of others’ experiences, this happens F-a-r beyond statistical likelihood. There are environmental factors in depressions, mine are always triggered by unfortunate events in my personal life, such as loss of employment, which my mania guarantees happening from time to time, or death of a loved one, and that’s even more certain than taxes, which I get a double burden of being a dual national! LOL Butt, of course, the genetic curse afflicting us that causes the majority of our suffering is no laughing matter, though as a writer of erotic black humor, I pay lip service to the proposition that making a dirty joke of our tribulations lightens the load. Obviously, that rare debilitating genetic weakening you mention at the end of your post is a straw that would break any camel’s hump let alone a long-suffering Mum87 struggling to make ends meet and hoping her daughter has dodged the bullet aimed straight up her maidenhead into her womanhood and on to future generations. I must admit that in many instances where I see parallels between us, I’ve been blessed with good luck that’s an exact mirror image of your bad. For example, whereas you experience extremes of depression, mine are several times longer than a non bi-polars yet fairly mild and NEVER suicidal, and I’m high almost all the time in waves with peaks of hyper-sexuality and other excessive behavior followed by long stretches of relatively controllable nymphomania, which I’ve learned to sublimate since my early days of multiple lovers and group sex, so that now it’s mostly writing erotic poetry or creating works like this [url] [/url] together with my gay Indian LOVER in cyber space or in on-line games, where I met my fiancé, BoyToy from down under, without most of the messiness that happens in our bedrooms or under bushes in public parks. LOL Another example is whereas you’ve been somewhat at odds with your family over meds., my MOM is a pharmacologist who accompanies me on weekly meetings with my psychiatrist, one of the most respected in Japan, and controls my dosage perfectly, well within he limits of our imperfect world, I mean. Perhaps the LUCKIEST point on which we differ is the surgery. I was dissatisfied with my looks, too, in my early teens, and prevailing in arguments over MOM, who now admits I did the right thing, I had my smaller than average breasts enlarged to an ENORMOUS SIZE that some find grotesque, butt that fascinates most men and boys to the point of hypnotizing them like snake-eyes with birds, including the photographers who’ve made me a very successful model with a cutely exotic face above HUGE HOOTERS! Of course, I’m not too silly to realize that in a few more years, I’ll need further corrective surgery, just as you did, to prune them back to normal size as gravity drags them down until I get cancer and need a double mastectomy or end up looking like a withered drugged sow! Meanwhile, in a few short years my fleshy balloons have given me financial independence. My MOM is calling me to go shopping now, so maybe more later, Mum87. I wish you and your daughter better LUCK from now on…
– K.L.